Welsh poet Dave Lewis will judge the awards in 2023.

He is an award-winning Welsh writer, poet and photographer based in Pontypridd.  He has written content for and still maintains many websites.  He has written for BBC Wales, and local newspapers and has been published in several literary magazines and websites all over the world.

Judge - Dave LewisResolutely unconventional and anti-establishment, he remains outside the metropolitan elite and even refuses to read in public anymore.

In 2007 he set up the first-ever Welsh Poetry Competition, an international poetry competition, now the biggest and most well-respected in Wales.  In 2019 he created the Writers of Wales A to Z database, which seeks to highlight the abundance of literary talent either from Wales or with a deep connection to Wales, both past and present.  He also runs Publish & Print, a book publishing company that is seeking good writers, particularly poets, who have been overlooked by the mainstream publishing industry.

His poetry collection ‘Going Off Grid‘ was a previous finalist in The Wishing Shelf Awards with a score of 39/40 from 17 judges.  His poetry collection, ‘Scratching The Surface‘ was his twentieth book and has been praised by great British poets Brian Patten, David J Costello and Sally Spedding.

His latest publication, ‘Algorithm‘, is a collection of poetry that highlights many of the problems facing humanity in the world today and the dystopian direction society is sleepwalking towards. These are poems about artificial intelligence, childhood, death, nature, Welsh independence, culture, race, immigration, travel and love.

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